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13 Mar LWG - Gold Rated
Pehlivan Erman 0 286
As Sepici Tanneries we are believing and working for the future. What we live today is a debt from our future generations, The environment is our nature and always been the top priority. We are working to use less water, less energy, fewer chemicals ..
19 Feb Sepiciler Breakfast Event
Pehlivan Erman 0 393
Recently, we organized a breakfast organization that was held exclusively for our female staff and children, including Yeşim Sepici, İklame Can Sepici, and our Chairman of the Executive Board, Nihal Adıgüzel.As an indicator of the value, we give to o..
03 Feb Sepiciler Employee Fishing Event
Pehlivan Erman 0 366
With this organization, which is organized under the leadership of Sepiciler Human Resources, it is aimed to improve social integration and social activity among employees.Our staff spent time and had fun together in the fishing organization they wen..
14 Oct International Workshop with UNIDO & TUBİTAK
Pehlivan Erman 0 444
International Workshop with Unido & Tubitak In collaboration with UNIDO, TUBITAK and Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, “International Workshop on Cleaner Technologies” is conducted in our tannery on 8th October 2019. A committee of repres..
15 Apr Spring at Sepici Tannery
Pehlivan Erman 0 520
Hi Everyone,We are the tannery in love with nature mother. We pays an attention to our relations with the environment and we want to show this relationship to our visitors.Maybe we are also proud of being the first tannery on earth which most lover t..
15 Jan a New Digital Outlook!
Pehlivan Erman 0 500 | a New Digital Outlook We are here with a brand new Web page that has been published with the new year.It is designed to be sensitive to its users in such a way that it can obtain the optimum image on any mobile or desktop comp..
10 Aug Workplace Conditions Assesment
Pehlivan Erman 0 603
Intertek | Workplace Conditions Assesment Award The main objective of human resources policy; The company achieves maximum success in the leather sector by continuously improving its personal and professional competencies that prioritize corp..
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