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Human Resources Practices

Performance Management

Strategic Performance Management being implemented by Sepici Holding and its Group Companies is the entirety of the processes enabling vision and strategy to be put into practice by achieving sustainable compliance of individual goals and performances with company strategy. The Holding Company and the Group Companies apply a Goal Oriented Performance Management System.

Training and Development

Our training system has been structured to provide that our Holding Company and the Group Companies have the capacity to be Learning Organisations, that our employees’ awareness, productivity and motivation is increased and superior performance levels are achieved in line with our vision & mission, values and strategies.

Our training activities aim to improve individual knowledge, skills, corporate efficiency and professional competency of our employees and create a unity of attitude amongst them. We apply an orientation programme for our employees in order that they can complete their adaptation period in a swift and efficient manner supplemented by introduction, system and process training. 

Wage Management

Sepici Holding applies a salary management system which is in line with its strategies, long-term goals and risk management structure. The Salary Management System has been structured in order to attract, protect, reward and motivate human resources necessary for sustainable success.

Salary Management System is applied based upon the size of the work being carried out and performance indicators. The aim is to reward high performance and achieve sustainable success. Sepici Holding adopts equal pay for equal work and a salary management system which identifies and rewards high performing employees.


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