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We Manufacture Perfect Products, Continuously Improve and Deliver on Time. Trust is important for us. Thanks to our laboratory, we are able to constantly monitor production and provide that all the products we offer you are in line with your expectations.

For this purpose, we constantly monitor standards and regulations and plan product development accordingly. Upon demand from our customers, we are able to apply different norms and standards such as SATRA quality assort system in quality assurance.

We support cooperative development of new companies by converting innovative ideas into new products and ensuring the success of our customers by offering flexible solutions to requirements and developing their business and therefore, we are able to offer design solutions focused on individual customers.

Sepiciler Environment
Sepiciler Environment

Laboratory Quality Policy

- By this quality policy, we are comitted to provide professional service to the demands of customers with regard to testing services without any concessions to the principles of righteosness, objectivity and confidentiality through: 
- Making the calibration and verification of the testing equipments on time and making the arrangement that will maintain its reliability through interlaboratory comparisons in order to ensure the accurancy of the rest results at all times,
- Improving testing equipments and methods continiously by following technological developments closely and extanding the scope of testing,
- Working with well-qualified personnel who understands and implements the procedures and instructions which are documented following the current ntaional/international standards,
- Complying with the requirements of the TS-EN ISO 17025 standards and the applicable legislation, providing the necassary finance, infrasturcture and personel resources for the laboratory and continuosly improving the effectiveness of the management system.


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