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Vegetable Leather

Sepiciler's Exclusive Vegetable Leathers

Veg tanned leathers which using secret blend of natural oils!

Vegetable tanning is the most traditional way of tanning hides. Unlike chrome tanning, it can take up to forty days to produce a piece of skin using only natural ingredients such as the bark of chestnut trees to tan the leather. This means the finished product color is usually warm, rich tones of natural browns differing from tannery to tannery based on their way of tanning.

Vegetable tanned leather has a limited risk to consumer's health, including allergies and a reduced environmental impact, since it is manufactured with almost no chemical substances. It is one of a few products that is both high quality and environmentally friendly at the same time. Vegetable tanning uses processes which have been passed on for decades from generation to generation of master craftsmen. SEPICI has a rich heritage of pit vegetable tanning with a capacity of 240 ton hides per month, producing high yield weight leathers which are tight, firm and flexible with embossing retention properties that can be refined in many ways in order to adapt to different uses. These can be varied from small leather goods for tooling to belts, handbags, upholstery and equestrian equipment.

SEPICI veg leather is a superior product in every aspect combining high quality raw materials with excellent technical know-how ending with a vintage looking signature color that lasts and improves over its lifetime.

  • Natural Sides: Thickness 0.8 - 4 mm
  • Double Butt: Thickness 1.8 - 5.5 mm
  • Skirting: Thickness 2.0 - 2.4 mm
  • Vegetable Split

Leather Types

Sepiciler is a tannery that has been producing in world standards and has proven its quality. Vegetable tanned leathers can be produced as desired and production can be performed in all below shapes.

Dye Through Veg Tanned Leathers


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