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About Us

SEPICI means tanner. Literally. When the surname law was established in 1927, our founder Mehmet Sepici (1907-1981) had chosen this surname aptly. Mehmet Sepici tanned leather from an early age. In 1930, he established his own company Mehmet SEPICI Leather Dye-House and earned a place as leather hat and sheep upper producer in the labour intensive leather sector. From 1950 onwards, with his four sons, increased capacity and with the prospering turkish

economy the factory moved to Yesildere which was a leather work area at the time. The name changed to Mehmet Sepici and Sons Collective Company and filled with entrepreneurial dynamism greater business opportunities were achieved, market share grew considerably; eventually Yesildere became inadequate for the vision of Sepici family. Early 1970's, the foundations of Caybasi plant was formed opening the road to industrialization and higher advancement.

Vegetable Leather

Vegetable tanning is the most traditional way of tanning hides. Unlike chrome tanning, it can take up to forty days to produce a piece of skin using only natural ingredients such as the bark of chestnut trees to tan the leather. This means the finished product color is usually warm, rich tones of natural browns differing from tannery to tannery based on their way of tanning.

Vegetable tanned leather has a limited risk to consumer's health, including allergies and a reduced environmental impact, since it is manufactured with almost no chemical substances. It is one of a few products that is both high quality and environmentally friendly at the same time. Vegetable tanning uses processes which have been passed on for decades from generation to generation of master craftsmen.


As a requirement of environmental awareness, Sepiciler operates its individual tannery ETP which is first in Turkey since 1984 in compliance with national regulations. Sepiciler also adopted lean waste management and restricted substances control during and after manufacturing process. To match its sustainability goals, Sepiciler joined the Leather Working Group in 2016 and currently has a bronze medal award for environmental stewardship. As a fruit of its environment-friendly operation, Sepiciler is honoured with many awards including Tannery of the Year: Europe Winner (2013) and Social Responsibility Award (2018). Relentless pursuit of improvement in sustainability is one of the main objectives for Sepici Family…
Sepiciler Environment
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We Manufacture Perfect Products, Continuously Improve and Deliver on Time.
Trust is important for us.
Thanks to our laboratory, we are able to constantly monitor production and provide that all the products we offer you are in line with your expectations. For this purpose, we constantly monitor standards and regulations and plan product development accordingly. Upon demand from our customers, we are able to apply different norms and standards such as the SATRA quality assort system in quality assurance. We support the cooperative development of new companies by converting innovative ideas into new products and ensuring the success of our customers by offering flexible solutions to requirements and developing their business and therefore, we are able to offer design solutions focused on individual customers.

Awards & Certificates

Check out some of the awards we have received from various institutions and organizations from the following gallery...
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