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As Sepici Group, we believe that societal and economic development occurs through happier employees and workplaces. We act with an innovative human resources perspective which places humans at the centre and is built on life-long development, solidarity, modernity and equality. We create a sustainable inclusive environment. With the belief that freedom supports innovation, we believe that strength contributes to high performance, personal satisfaction and fun. We encourage our employees to use their own judgment, do their best for our customers and use their energy in the best manner. What makes Sepicis a big family achieving greater success with each passing day is their smiling faces.




In the performance-based management of salaries and benefits of employees, criteria such as fairness, objectiveness, appreciation of high performance, competitiveness, rewards and motivation is taken into account and in determining salaries, no discrimination is made based on language, race, skin colour, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, persuasion, age, physical disability and similar characteristics nor are the aforementioned accepted as criteria.


Our performance system approach does not only aim to measure performance but also to ensure that dialogue and development are continuous. The Performance Management System aims to strengthen, improve performance and reward employees with superior performance distinct from others. Basic criteria in performance assessment are business goals. Goals determined for the Group are boiled down to group, organisation, department and individual. An objective assessment is made taking into account the realisation of business goals boiled down to individuals. Focusing on continuous development, we set at least one of our goals as a personal development goal. With the criteria for conduct which we have added to our performance assessment scale, we evaluate not only what has been done but also how it was done.


In line with our vision & mission, values and strategy, our training system has been structured in order to ensure that Group Companies are Learning Organisations, that awareness, productivity and motivation of employees are increased and that they achieve superior performance levels. Our training activities aim to improve our employees’ personal knowledge, skills, corporate efficiency and professional competence and create unity of attitude amongst our employees. In order to ensure that our employees complete their adaptation period swiftly and efficiently, we execute an orientation programme supported by introductory, system and process training.


We encourage gender equality in general within our companies. We support the strengthening of women in economic and social life and their full and efficient participation in decision-making processes.

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