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Various chemical substances are used in the process for obtaining leather from raw leather. The tanning process is named according to the type of chemical used. Today the most frequently used tanning methods is chrome tanning at 75%. In this production method, Chrome III (this is a harmless chemical) is used. It should be stated that Chrome IV (harmful chemical) is not used in leather production. Leather that is tanned using Chrome preserves its characteristics for a long time and can be used for years. Leather can gain many characteristics by being tanned by this type of method. Such characteristics include waterproofnesss, fire resistance, vide range of color and water repellent, etc. 

Where leather tanned with chrome is used:  Upper parts of shoes and boots, bags, clothes, military and security shoes, leather products, furnishing

Range of thickness of leather tanned with chrome: 0,8 mm – 2,6 mm

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