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Personal Data Protection


We, as Sepiciler Çaybaşı Deri San. Tic. A.Ş. (the“Company”), would like to inform and enlighten you in relation to the personal data processing activities we carry out in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 (the “Law”) and its related regulations.

1. Data Controller


The company, as the Data Controller, processes the personal data of employees, trainees, employee candidates, suppliers, visitors, customers, potential customers and third parties for and limited to the purposes set out below and in compliance with law and good faith provided that such processing is limited to the purpose of processing. Processing includes but is not limited to recording, storage, classification, updating, transmission to third parties as permitted by the legislation or being limited to the purposes it was processed for.

2. Personal Data Processed


Your personal data, which has been listed below categorically, is processed by the Company.


Identity: First name, surname, Turkish Identity Number, information on the birth certificate, etc

Contact details: Telephone, email address, address, etc

Location: Travel information

Personnel affairs: Date of employment and redundancy, information included in the personnel file

Legal action: Information in the legal action file 

Customer transaction: Customer claim, order, invoice number, etc

Physical location safety: Camera footage

Transaction safety: Username and password

Finance: Account number, salary calculation, record of debts and receivables etc

Professional Experience: Title, diploma information, on-the-job training and certificate information etc

Video and audio footages: Photograph

Clothing: Size details

Union membership: Union membership details

Medical information: Information relating to disability status, periodic examination reports, information in the medical file, blood type

Criminal record and safety measures: Criminal record

Other: Signature and vehicle information


3. Personal Data Processing Purposes


Your personal data is processed for the following purposes according to the basic principles set out by law:

·       Carrying out information safety processes

·       Carrying out selection and placement processes of employee candidates

·       Carrying out application processes of employee candidates

·       Carrying out employee satisfaction and loyalty processes

·       Fulfilment of obligations relating to contracts of employment and the legislation for employees

·       Carrying out procedures relating to employee benefits and interests

·       Carrying out inspection/ethical activities

·       Carrying out training activities

·       Executing access authorisations

·       Managing operations in accordance with the legislation

·       Carrying out finance and accounting procedures

·       Achieving physical location safety

·       Following up and carrying out legal procedures

·       Carrying out communication activities

·       Planning human resources processes

·       Carrying out business operations

·       Carrying out work health and safety activities

·       Carrying out activities for ensuring continuity of business

·       Carrying out logistical activities

·       Carrying out processes relating to the purchase of goods/services

·       Carrying out processes relating to the sale of goods/services

·       Carrying out goods/services production and operation processes

·       Carrying out customer relations management processes

·       Organisation and event management

·       Carrying out advertisement/offer/promotion processes

·       Carrying out storage and archiving activities

·       Carrying out contract processes

·       Following up claims/complaints

·       Ensuring safety of movable goods and resources

·       Carrying out supply chain management processes

·       Carrying out marketing processes of goods/services

·       Ensuring the safety of data controller operations

·       Carrying out investment processes

·       Informing authorised persons, institutions and organisations

·       Carrying out management activities

·       Creating and following up visitor records



Your personal data shall be safely stored in a physical or electronic environment for an appropriate period for processing and disposed of in accordance with the procedures prescribed under the legislation following the expiry of the storage period to be determined depending on the purpose for processing. On the other hand, your personal data shall be transmitted to public institutions and organisations, our suppliers, firms which support us in conducting our operations and other third parties in Turkey and abroad for the processing purposes relating to transmission as stated above and due to our various legal obligations. Within the scope of such activities, our Company acts in compliance with the Law and the obligations provided for under all the related legislation in relation to personal data protection. For more detailed information regarding personal data processing purposes within the framework of the personal data processing activities of our Company, information statements prepared for specific groups of individuals (such as customer, visitor, supplier information statements) are available upon request by sending an e-mail to



4. Personal Data Collection Method and Legal Grounds 

Your personal data is being collected from individuals personally, by email, telephone and other channels for the aforementioned purposes, with carrying out the managerial and operational activities of our Company being the first and foremost. In this framework, your personal data shall be processed in compliance with the principles set out by law and upon express consent as provided for under Articles 6/2 and 5/1 of the Law or without express consent in the event of the existence of other processing conditions provided for under Articles 5/2 and 6/3 of the Law.

5. Data Transmission Abroad 

Your personal data may be transmitted to legal entities or real persons resident in foreign countries relating to which the Personal Data Protection Board (the “Board”) has decided that sufficient protection is being offered upon your express consent or in the event of existence of other processing conditions, without your express consent or to persons resident in countries relating to which the Board has not made a decision, in the event that undertakings have been mutually executed by legal entities or real persons party to the data transmission whaich are then approved by the Board.

6. Your Rights

Under Article 11 of the Law, you have the right:


·    To learn whether your personal data has been processed,

·    if it has been processed, request information in this respect,

·    to know the purpose for personal data processing and whether it has been processed for such purpose,

·    to know the third persons to whom your personal data has been transmitted,

·    in the case of your personal data having been erroneously processed, to request the correction of such,

·    to request the disposal of personal data within the scope of the conditions set out by Law,

·    to request that third persons to whom personal data has been transmitted are notified of any revision or deletion processes,

·    to object to any consequence arising that is not in your favour due to analysis of processed data solely by automatic systems,

·    in the event that any damages are incurred due to personal data being illegally processed, to demand the compensation of such damages.


Our Company shall conclude your claim as soon as possible but in any case, within thirty (30) days at the latest. You will be invoiced for costs which may arise during the examination and conclusion of your application according to the fees in the tariff determined by the Board. For the swift, efficient and comprehensive assessment and resolution of the applications to be made to our Company by you within the scope of this Article in which the Law has determined the rights of the relevant person, i.e. you, you can send the following signed Application Form of the Relevant Person to the address Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Mah. Aydın Cad. No: 110 Torbalı/İzmir attaching a photocopy of an identification not including a statement relating to religion or if not, a photocopy taken by blacking out the mentioned statement by registered post or by email to the email address or to including a secure electronic signature or mobile signature or by other means included in the Law and other legislation by ensuring that your identity has been confirmed. Upon receipt of your application, following the confirmation of your identity, the photocopy of your identification shall be disposed of according to the procedures provided for under the legislation.

* This Information Statement (“Statement”) was updated on 07.02.2022. In the event of any amendments to the wording of the statement, the date of effectiveness and content of the Statement shall be updated.  


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